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Create Scholarship/Financial Aid Reports

Run a report identifying all members who have been given a scholarship or financial aid.  This means they were given a credit to a "purchase" which lowered their balance due.  Run report through payments tab.  

How do I identify all scholarships or financial aid given over a specific period of time?

Scholarship transactions in Korrio are essentially credits that were applied to a "Purchase" that lowers the balance due.

To capture scholarship transactions in financial reports, follow these steps:

1. In the Admin Navigator go to Club -> Payments -> Reports

2. Go to the Adjustments tab and on the filters enter the following.

  • Date range
  • Select all programs
  • Type = Credit

3. Run Report and Search Term "Scholarship"


If you would like, you can also export to a CSV file, which will include the following data fields: Date of registration, reference user, purchaser, program name, scholarship amount, transaction type and description.

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