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Report - Sibling Discount

Korrio allows Club Admins to access reports on club information including sibling discounts. Each time the system initiates a sibling discount in Korrio, the credit applied will be reflected within the report.

To access Sibling Discounts given, follow these steps:

1. Go to Club / Club / Payments / Reports.


2. Click on the Sibling Discount tab.

How can I customize my Sibling Discount report?

1. You are able to customize the time span of sibling discounts by using the Date Range filter. You can search the sibling discount credits for the past 30 days, through the past 24 months, or you can even customize the time period of the specific sibling discounts that you want to look at.

2. By clicking on "Select Program", you are able to view a specific program where the sibling discount has been applied.

3. Export the data to CSV by clicking on the "Export Data to CSV" button. The Admin will see the following columns in their export:

Date - Date of issued credit

Reference User - The name of the player who is getting the discount

Purchase User - The name of the person registering the reference user

Program - The name of the program for the player getting the discount

Amount - The cost associated with the discount

Transaction Type - How the entire transaction was paid for

Description - Description of the discount


Interested in creating a Sibling Discount? If so, see our Sibling Discount article.

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