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Reports - Registrations by Team

Korrio has developed a report to capture payment information by teams. Club Admin with Financial privileges can now select either pending or active teams and then find transactions for members of those teams by a specific program. Whether you track fees outside of the system by team, or you would like to ask team managers to collect outstanding fees, this report will help you with your financial management needs.

How does it work?

Step 1: Go to Club > Payments > Reports and click on the 'Registration by Teams' tab.

Step 2: Using the filters, choose the team and program you are trying to capture payment data for.


Step 3: Finally click ‘Run Report’. Korrio will filter transaction data by team and program and display it organized around the team roster. 

Note: Every player on the team will show up regardless of whether the player is registered with the programs you selected or not. In the 'Balance' field, a ' * ' will appear for users not registered for the selected program (as shown in the picture below).




Do you need to send this Team Financial report to your Coaches and Managers?

Export the report data to a CSV file. To do this:

Click ‘Export Data to CSV’ in the upper right corner of the report. The data export includes the following columns: Team Name, Program, Reference User, Program Price, Credits, Fees, Total Costs, Payments, Balance, and Order ID.


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