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Edit CIM profile & Amounts

Located within Browse Payments, this feature allows a Club Admin to change the amounts or cancel an upcoming scheduled CIM (Custom Payment Plan) payment.


If you are looking to change a payment amount for a user with an established CIM payment plan, there are 2 required steps.

Step 1:  Apply any credits/fees to the transaction by clicking 'Apply Credit' or 'Add Fee'.


Step 2:  You will then want to select the 'Edit CIM profile & Amount' button and make the similar change to a payment on their account.

For example, if the schedule payment was $200 but you want to change it to $100. You would need to:

1. Apply $100 credit to the transaction
2. Go into CIM, find that next payment and then make it $100.


If you are looking to cancel a scheduled payment then all you need to do is select Cancelled on the right hand side of the payment you would like to Cancel and then Update CIM data.




Need to Cancel or Refund a user that is on a Payment Plan? If so, see our Cancel & Refund Payment Plan guide.
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