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Program Waitlist Functionality

When a program is full and has reached its maximum capacity, players may be added to a waitlist.  Learn how to add and remove players from the waitlist.   Once they’re on the waitlist you can then decide to add them to the program or let them know you’ll be in touch if space opens up.

How do I set up the waitlist functionality?

  • Using the admin navigator go to Programs > Create Program
  • Scroll down to the Restrictions accordion
  • Attendee Maximum Count: you must set a maximum count restriction here in order for the waitlist count to work
  • Attendee Waitlist Count: set a waitlist number of leave as blank for an unlimited number of waitlist attendees
  • Save your program when you have completed all the other fields

What does the parent experience if the maximum attendee count is reached and their player is added to the waitlist?

  • Waitlist Alert: when a parent is going through registration, the program will have an orange Waitlist button on it, indicating that any registrations for that program will add the player to the waitlist. 
  • Info Icon: If the parent hovers over the info icon, a message will read, “this program is currently full, if you continue on you will be placed on a waitlist. You will not be charged for this until a spot opens up.”
  • The parent is not forced to pay but instead has a spot "held for them" of there is an opening. 

How can you take them off waitlist and get them to pay for the program?


  • Once you decide to allow that player to be a part of the program, go to Programs > View Programs and click on the program name that includes the waitlisted players.
  • Click on Attendees
  • There will be a Waitlist group of attendees
  • In the Type column on the far right, change the persons status from Waitlist to Player.
  • The fee for the program will then be added to their account
  • Send a message to the player (click on the inspector icon) and let them know they can pay for the program in their Profile > Account page. For more detailed instructions, please see:

Now what?

Once your members are taken off of the wait-list they will then need to go to their Account and make a payment from their Registrations page.

Although there is a 'free' transaction on their account while on the Waitlist, this transaction will not appear in Club reporting until the user becomes an active player in the Program.

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