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Minimum Payment Plan Set Up

Korrio provides a manual Payment Plan option that allows an Organization to provide payment flexibility for their membership.

The Minimum Payment Plan works as follows:

- At the time of registration a down payment is required via credit card.

- Once the down payment is paid, the remaining balance is then associated with the user's Korrio Account. From the Parent's Account, they will be able to make a payment via Credit Card on their outstanding balance or an Organization's Admin can also post checks to the remaining balance if they choose to do so.

- It is then up to the Organization's Admin to set a payment policy for their membership



Within the Payment Accordion of a Program, choose Minimum Payment Plan.



  • Down Payment Amount: This is the required payment amount at the time of registration
  • Balance Due Remaining: This is the remaining amount that will display and can be accessed from the parent's account. This will automatically populate with the remaining balance after you enter in the Down Payment amount.
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