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Advanced Payment Features & Enhanced Account and Registration Tools


Payments 2.0


You can now offer a variety of different payment plans within your Organization. This will allow your users the flexibility to make payments over time while allowing your Organization to collect the necessary funds to run your business.

To learn more about the Payment Plans we offer, review our support article titled Setting up the Monthly vs. Custom Payment Plans at the Program level


  • This feature will provide your Organization with an easy way to distribute discounts during the registration process. For example, Child of Coach discount.
  • You can also use this as a Marketing tool that will allow the perception of saving money while the club isn't committed to a lower price. For example, a Referral  or Event Registration promotion.

To learn more about Coupon Codes, review our support article titled Coupon Codes Guide.


In keeping with Korrio's goal to empower Administrators, we are steadily adding Admin Features that were previously only available to Korrio's Customer Service Team. The most recent example is the ability to Manage your Financial Set Up.

Additionally, you will now see a new accordion for Convenience Fees which will allow you to apply a fee based on Payment Method. 

To learn more about Club Settings and Convenience Fees, review our support article titled Club Settings - Additional Options.

Registration Usability


We have given the Sign Up flow an upgrade that includes a new contemporary look and also usability enhancements based on customer feedback. As an example, see our Custom Fields Library


Account Management

Korrio is taking the industry standard approach to Account Management where the user is able to create their own Username along with additional log in options. This will make it easier for users to remember their account name, and will reduce duplicate account creation via our enhanced account look up functionality. The Account Management feature will be released in phases, so keep an eye out for  those additional log in options.



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