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Programs vs. Teams in Korrio

Korrio's system uses different terminology like club, program, and team level to denote where users are affiliated within the club and what parts of the club they participate in. While there is an interactive relationship between all three, these different levels are specifically used for different tasks.

In Korrio, the Club is the overarching organization and Club level administrators use Programs and Teams as tools with which to organize their members.

Programs are most often used for registering members, keeping track of payments, and viewing specific user data from the program's attendees. More specific data about attendees can be acquired using the custom fields the administrator establishes for Program registration. Some examples of custom fields are: preferred coach, previous team, preferred position, etc.

Once an individual is registered for a program, the administrator can use the Team Builder tool to roster players onto teams. When teams are created, the Team level is essential for managing all the different teams in that Club.

Different Teams are used for daily user interactions like scheduling and messaging. Players are grouped by the teams that they are rostered on, not the programs they have registered for. Depending on how the team schedule is managed, users like parents and players will be able to see that information on their calendars.

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