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Can't see programs for registration?

When creating a program in Korrio, there are several date parameters you have to set up. One of which is including a date range for when your program is visible to the public on your programs page. These are called the Active Start and Active End dates. If you have a program with Active End dates in the past, these programs are called Historical Programs and can't be seen on your Programs homepage.

To move them out of the Historical Programs and into Active Programs, click Programs on your left hand menu. In the Season dropdown on the upper right click Lookup Historical Programs. In the season start date, choose FROM X/X/XXX to TO Today's Date and click Get Historical Programs.

This will pull up a list of programs that aren't active on your Programs page. To move them from historical to active, click the pencil icon to edit the program. Under Program Dates the List Active End date, change these dates to a future date and members will be able to register for your programs.

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