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Consistency of Program Names on Your Website and Registration Program

It is important to make sure to call your programs the same name on your website as it is displayed in your programs list. 

For example, your Organization may have Micro, Recreational and Select/Travel levels of play.

On Your Website:

  • Create a page that describes the different competitive levels of play
  • Be specific on how you name the different programs. While Micro and Rec may mean something to you, a parent may not understand the difference. 
  • Let them know when registration opens throughout the year

When naming your Registration Programs:

  • Use the exact same names when naming your programs as you do in describing them on your website. If you call Micro, Recreational and Travel on your website, use the same words for your programs
  • Yes = Recreational Registration; No = Rec Registration
  • Yes = Travel Program Tryout, or Travel Season Registration; No = Select Tryout, or Classic Tryout
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