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Register Adults 18 Years and Over

Learn how to create a program for players over the age of 18.  Players over 18 are now considered adults and must register themselves.  Make sure you select "yes" under Adult Only Program.

When we originally designed the system, we used age as a cut off and it has its trade offs. Of all the benefits that the family receives, one of the down sides is that 18 and 19 year olds need to register themselves. This requires you to set up a separate registration for players that are 18 years and older.

Create a second program and add the text “- 18/19 years old players” after the name of your registration program.

Key program settings for creating 18 years and over registration programs:

  1. Type of Program: Recreational or Tryout depending on the competitive level of play. This is important to access these players in our Team Builder tool
  2. Adult Only Program: Yes
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