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Create Early Discounts and Late Fees

Provide a discount for registering early to create an incentive for parents to register in a timely fashion.  Use adjustments to create either an early discount or late fee.  

Getting as many registrations as early as possible is important. Korrio provides your Organization with the ability to provide early registration discounts and impose late registration fees to incentivize parents to register their players in a timely fashion. This reduces last minute uncertainty and alleviates administrative stress while helping the Organization better plan and form teams as quickly as possible. While there isn’t a way to stop all last-minute registrations, using early and late registration techniques can help motivate organization to get online and register earlier.

Using an early registration discount that ends on a specific registration date can encourage sign-ups and since nothing can prevent the last minute procrastinators from rushing in, you can use a late fee to discourage too many parents from waiting too long. This late registration fee should be within a short window of time before the official close date. We generally recommend between one and two weeks.

Creating Early Discounts and Late Fees

  1. To add or edit an adjustment, use the Admin Navigator. Programs > Adjustments > Create Adjustment
  2. Name your Adjustments and in this case let’s use “Early Registration Discount” and “Late Registration Fee”. Using adjustment names that are clear and concise will go a long way towards making the registration simple and easy to understand.
  3. Description. Now for our example a description is not necessary because the discount or fee will be automatically applied on the last screen of registration. However it’s a good idea to always give your adjustments a short description so there’s no confusion as to their purpose.
  4. Enter the Amount that will be added to or deducted from the registration cost. Just put in a whole number. We’ll handle the addition or subtraction idea next.
  5. Select the Type of Adjustment. Choose Credit for the Early Registration Discount or choose Fee for the Late Registration Fee.
  6. Set the Start Date and time as well as End Date. Make sure your end dates and times are consistent with the registration start and end dates.
  7. Finally decide if this adjustment is optional. For our early and late registration examples we want these to be Required, so select that from the drop down menu.
  8. Make sure you Save Changes and then create your second adjustment, makes giving it a different name and changing whether it is a fee or credit as appropriate.

It’s important to remember that your adjustments won’t be applied to your registration setup until you add them in the Program. You do that when you Create Program by clicking , be sure to click on the Adjustment Tab (in Create Program) and select the adjustments by name. In our example they would be listed as “Early Registration Discount” and “Late Registration Fee”.

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