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Adult Only Programs

Learn how to set age eligibility and adult only programs in the program settings.  Find out how to set the eligibility of your program for kids under 17 and adults over 18 using these two options.  

In Korrio, there are primarily two types of registration programs. These programs are controlled by the setting Adult Only Program.

Program Type 1: Adult Only Program = No

Requires a parent to register on behalf of a child that is 17 years of age or younger

Program Type 2: Adult Only Program = Yes

Requires an adult to register themselves

The Age Eligibility rules apply within the context of the aforementioned two types of programs. For example, if Adult Only Program = No, and Age Eligibility = All Ages, the program will only allow for parents to register children under the age of 17. To register players 18 years and older for youth sports, please see the post titled Registering Players 18 Years and Older.

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