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Roster Players After Tryouts

Learn how to put selected players from tryout into an actual season registration program.  Set program information and use team builder to roster these players.  

Create your Organization’s Season Registration program for selected players

1. From the Organization Homepage click on the Programs Tab and click CREATE.

It is best to create one registration program, as long as your Organization has a single fee for all players across age groups. If you have multiple tiers of prices, you will need to create a separate registration program for each age group that has a different Organization fee.

2. Program settings specific for Season Registration:


A. Type of Program: Set to Tryout


Enter your age eligibility requirements that depend upon how you decided to create your season registration programs.

Please note that the following settings are not applicable: Adult Only Program, Require Background Check, and Ask About Returning Team

Full Payment Required: This setting determines whether your Organization allows Organization fees to be paid over time (automatic payment plans) or requires full payment at time of registration. Reminder that your Organization must be configured for automatic payment plans.


The most common adjustment added to tryout based registrations is Donations. You can create adjustments by clicking on the Adjustments link under the Programs Tab. For more information on Adjustments, search the Support Community.

Roster selected players

In most cases, Organization registrars receive a list of selected players per team. You can use Team Builder to quickly roster these players. To access Team Builder, use the Admin Navigator (Teams > Team Builder). Use the team and player filters (search) to find the respective team and player, and roster your players.

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