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Uniform Fees

Korrio provides the capability to add uniforms and other “shopping cart” type items to Registration. While the most common item is a uniform some Organizations choose to make the “uniform kit” field optional because a returning player may not need a new uniform. We will show you how to set this up.

In cases where Organizations require all of their players to purchase a new uniform in a given year, it is best to build the fee into the registration price.

Creating Uniform Fees

  1. To add or edit an adjustment, use the Admin Navigator. Programs > Adjustments > Create Adjustment
  2. Name your adjustment – Uniform Kit. It’s important to note that if your Organization’s uniform kit varies in price based on age of play, you will need to create multiple Uniform adjustments, and tailor the names of each adjustment created.
  3. Enter a description to help your parents know if they need to choose the uniform kit.
  4. Enter the uniform price
  5. User can change amount: No
  6. Type of Adjustment: Fee
  7. Enter the State and End dates and times that correspond to your registration time frames.
  8. Adjustment is Optional: Optional
  9. Click Save Changes

When you create your Registration Program

1. Click on the Adjustment Tab (in Create Program) and select the Uniform Kit Adjustment

2. You must also create a custom field to ask for the Uniform Kit size during registration. Click on the Custom Fields Tab, then click on Create New Custom Field.

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