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Create Tryout Program

Create a club tryout registration program to organize the tryout process.  Provide staff with a list of registered players to evaluate.  Use custom fields to ask question about attendees.  

Korrio provides Organizations with the capability to easily manage registration and team building for the competitive level of play, where players are selected based on a tryout selection process. While the same Korrio functionality supports recreational and tryouts based programs, we understand that systems support a Organization’s processes and there are differences between recreational and tryout based programs.

To make things easier for you, we’ve provided a guide for the best way to create tryout event and season registration programs for tryout based competitive programs.

Benefits to Registrars:

  • Easily provide tryout evaluation staff with a list of players registered for tryouts
  • The Custom Fields functionality allows you to ask the questions you need to get the answers you will need to administer tryouts
  • For Organizations that have higher fees, you can choose to provide automatic payment plans as a service to your members
  • A positive user experience will reflect highly upon your Organization

Create Your Organization’s Tryout Registration Program

1. Go to the Programs page by using the Admin Navigator (Programs > Create Program)

Create a different tryout registration program for each event that your Organization will hold. For example, one registration program will be sufficient if all age groups tryout at the same location over the same period of days. However if dates and/or locations are different, create a program for each.

2. Tryout event registration program settings:


A. Type of Program: Set to Tryout


A. Program Welcome Message: Enter a brief message that provides important tryout related information on what the parent can expect. This message is presented to the parent in the following ways:

1. Confirmation page at end of Registration
2. Email Confirmation sent once registration is complete
3. Any attachments will also be sent to Registrants email

B. Program Welcome Attachments: While this is not required, examples of relevant and/or helpful documents include directions to the tryout complex and a medical release waiver.


Enter your age eligibility requirements that depend upon how you decided to create your tryout registration programs.

Please note that the following settings are not applicable: Adult Only Program, Require Background Check, and Ask About Returning Team

Full Payment Required: Yes


Korrio includes player contact information and prior team information within a member’s Profile, which is also easily accessible in reports. Additionally, we provide Custom Fields capability to ask additional questions that are important to you in supporting the tryout process.

The following Custom Fields are typical of Korrio customers with tryout programs:

Playing up in age? Tryout evaluators like to know ahead of time those players trying out for a team above their age group. Further, certain governing body organizations have policies stating requirements for players playing up in age. (use yes/no setting)

Organization name from prior year: Tryout evaluators and coaching staff are well networked in the community, and can receive direct input into the evaluation process as needed. (use text setting)

Position: Supports tryout evaluation process (use radio buttons setting for consistent results)

To create these Custom Fields, see our Custom Fields Library Guide

Export Registration Data for On-field Use

Follow these instructions to export a list of registered tryout participants, including relevant information. This export can be printed and used for signing in participants, or providing a list to the tryout evaluation staff.

1. Access Reports by using the Admin Navigator (Club > Reports > Quick Reports)

2.Under Program Reports, click on Find Attendees by Program.

3. In the Find Attendees by Program report:

A. Program: Select the tryout registration program from the Program drop down

B. Additional Filter Items: Not applicable for tryouts, but available to filter the results. For tryouts, it is best to just run the report for the entire set of registrations and manipulate, sort, group the data in Excel

C. Customize Your Columns: You can change your report fields with this setting. If you have included custom fields, you can add it to the report by clicking on Customize Your Columns, then clicking on the Other sub-tab, and selecting custom fields

4.Click Run Report. Once the results return, click on Save/Print to PDF or Export to CSV.


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