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Sibling Discounts

Korrio provides Organizations with the ability to offer discounts to families who register more than one child to your programs. Many youth sports organizations offer sibling discounts starting with the third child, but discounts at any level are possible. We recommend you keep it simple and instead of increasing the discount for more children, it is best to offer financial aid as a means for supporting families in need.

Creating Sibling Discounts

  1. To add or edit an adjustment, use the Admin Navigator. Programs > Adjustments > Create Adjustment
  2. Give your adjustment a unique, easy to understand name, for example “Sibling Discount”
  3. While a description is not necessary because the discount or fee will be automatically applied on the last screen of registration, it’s good practice to enter a description for all adjustments.
  4. Enter the Amount, for this example $20
  5. Since this will be automatically applied when the user registers enough children to qualify make sure you set User can change amount to “No”
  6. Set the Type of Adjustment to “Credit” since the adjustment will be crediting the user's account
  7. For the Multi-sibling discount field, enter the number of children you want the adjustment to apply to. If a parent registers three children for the same program or programs that all have the same adjustment the discount amount will be applied to the third child’s fee. In our example that would discount the program fee by $20.
  8. Set the Start Date and End Date
  9. Select Adjustment is Optional: Required
  10. Click Save Changes

It is important to remember that adjustments will not be applied to your registration setup until you add them to a Program. When you Create a Program be sure to click on the Adjustment Tab (in Create Program) and select the adjustment by name. 

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