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Korrio provides youth sports organizations the ability to increase revenue by collecting donations during registration.

Creating Donations Adjustments

  1. To add or edit an adjustment, use the Admin Navigator. Programs > Adjustments > Create Adjustment
  2. Name your Adjustments You’ll do this each time for each adjustment including entering the respective donation values. For example: create “Donation – Gold Sponsor” with the value of 100, “Donation – Silver Sponsor” with a value of 50 and “Donation – Bronze Sponsor” with a value of 25.
  3. Description. You should always give donation adjustments a clear description. Since these are voluntary payments, the description field is a chance to explain how the donations will help the Organizations and the community.
  4. Changing the amount. For our preset donation tiers you would set this option to be “No”. If you want to let Organization members give what they can in an amount, then set the option to “Yes”.
  5. Select the Type of Adjustment. For all donations you’re going to select “Fee”
  6. Set the Start Date and time as well as End Date. Make sure your end dates and times are consistent with the registration start and end dates.
  7. Adjustment is Optional should be left alone, since all donations are optional by definition.
  8. Make sure you Save Changes and then create your next two adjustments, making sure to change the name, value and description as described above.

Donations - Things to Remember

  • It’s important to provide a concise description that emphasizes the need and how the donation will be used. People are going to be more likely to give when they feel confident the money will be well used
  • One way to encourage higher donations is to preset the value for the user defined donation as a higher “stretch” value. If your highest tier is for $100 the setting the user defined donation to be $250 might encourage higher giving. Users can still change the value lower to any whole dollar amount starting at $1
  • Make sure the donation tiers you create reflect the values and demographics of your community
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