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Programs Based on Grade

Create a program based on the grade of your players rather than the age.  Players will only be eligible depending on the grade range you choose.  If your organization primarily registers and forms teams based on grade, follow instructions below to enable grade based eligibility.  

1. Enable Grade Eligibility for your Organization

  • Access the Settings page using the Admin Navigator (Club > Settings > Club Settings)
  • Click on Sign Up Options
  • Grade Required: set to Yes

2. Choose Grade Eligibility within Registration Programs and Teams

  • When creating a program or team you can set the eligibility to based on grade level
  • Select Grade or Grade Range depending on the eligibility considerations of your program or team

3. Choose Grade filters in Team Builder for Rostering

  • The global filters for Team Builder include Grade and Grade Range
  • Select these filters and enter your grade values to filter for grade on both the team and player pool lists 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use both Grade and Age based registration?

Grade Eligibility was added to Korrio to support Organizations and camps that organize players based on the grade of a player. If the majority of your programs operate on grade and have a few that operate based on age eligibility, it would be ok to enable Grade Eligibility. The primary reason why we recommend only enabling Grade Eligibility for clubs that primarily use grade is because of how it affects the parent registration experience. If Grade Required is set to yes, then during registration, the system will ask the parent to enter the grade of the player. This is an extra step, and we work very hard to make registration as easy and intuitive as possible for the parent.

2. How is grade determined during registration? 

If Grade Required is set to yes, then during registration, the system prompts the parent to enter the grade of the selected child.

3. How do I let my parents know what Grade to enter during registration?

Due to the diverse environment of youth sports organizations, we ask the parent during registration to enter the grade of their child. It is important to communicate what grade you are asking your parent to enter. For a camp that occurs within a few weeks, it is fairly intuitive for the parent. For recreational season registration, where parents register earlier in the year for an upcoming year, you would want to communicate to parents to enter the grade for the following school year. 

How do you communicate this to your parents? 

    • Set up a "registration open" email welcoming parents to register for the upcoming season
    • On your website, include this specific information when describing your programs
    • When creating your registration program, enter instructions in the Description field. When parents register, this description appears in the information icon when selecting a program
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