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Transfer Player to Another Program

Transferring players between programs is not always necessary.  Follow steps to register player for a different program.  

In most cases, you should not need to move a player from one registration program to another. For season registration, we provide an easy to use and intuitive Team Builder tool to roster players to any team, irrespective of the program. We also provide you with quick link transaction posting to refund or add additional fees.

However, we do understand that there are situations where you absolutely must have the player in a particular program. Follow these steps to move an already registered player to another program:

  1. Go to the Programs page by using the Admin Navigator
  2. In two new tabs, open up the program you are transferring out of and the program you will be adding the player into. You can do this by right clicking on the name of the program and selecting Open link in a new tab
  3. Go to the program you are transferring OUT of. Click on the Attendees link in the left hand menu. In the Filter box, type the player’s name
  4. Click on the inspector icon next to the players name and open the Contact Information. You will see the player’s user name. Highlight and copy the user name
  5. Open up the program you would like to move the player to and click on the Attendees link on the left hand menu
  6. Click on Add Member "+"
  7. Enter the player’s user name, unselect Only show age/gender eligible members, and search for members
  8. Once the player results return, click on Add and Submit Changes to the Roster
  9. In the program (attendee tab) that you just added the player to, use the Filter box to search for the player’s name

Transfer Custom Fields Data

You now have your player in both Programs, at this stage you want to transfer the player’s Custom Field data.

  1. In both program pages (attendees page), click on Hide/Show Columns and select the fields that matter to you. All custom fields are available to you
  2. To transfer the custom field data, copy the data from one program and enter it into the other. Copy and paste using your browser's copy and paste functions. Usually a right click after highlighting the text will present these functions. 
  3. After completing the transfer of custom field data, remove the player from old program. On the Attendee tab of the old program, search and select the member, then click on the "-" (Remove Members)
  4. Click on Save

Update Payment Data

  1. Go to the Payments page using the Admin Navigator (Club >Browse Payments)
  2. Filter (search) for the transaction, and click on the plus button on the left hand side of the transaction. Then click on Add a Payment.
    • Amount: Make sure to enter the total amount
    • Date: Today’s date will auto-populate but make sure to enter in the original transaction date.
    • Method: Enter payment type used on original transaction.
    • Description: Program transfer
    • Save Changes
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