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Learn how to create, add, edit, or delete an agreement for your club registration programs.  You can have members sign an agreement online or have them print out the agreement.  Access the Agreements page by using the Admin Navigator (Club > Programs > Agreements).

1.  To Edit an Agreement, click on View, then Edit 

2. To Create an Agreement, click on Create (or use the Admin Navigator to access the page directly)

3. Give your Agreement a Name and choose what version you’d like your attendees to read.  In most cases you’ll want them to accept the most recent version of the Agreement.

Agreements - Version.png

4. You have a few different options under Agreement Type for how you’d like the Agreement to be presented to your registrants.  To see how these different options function, choose Preview Agreement on the lower left.

A. Electronic Agreement: Text – If you choose Text a pop-up text version of the Agreement will display to a parent during registration. 


B. Electronic Agreement: URL – If you choose URL the agreement will be hyperlinked to a URL that will open a new window in the attendees browser.

Admin view when creating a URL based agreement


Parent view during registration

Agreements - URL Parent view.png

C. Printable Agreement: Offline – This will allow a user to download or save a PDF file of the agreement so that it can be printed and signed, particularly helpful if this is an important document that coaches or managers need a hard copy of.  The Offline Agreement was primarily designed to create printable medical release forms.

5. Click Save Agreement so that it is added to your Agreement library for use when creating your programs.

To Delete an Agreement click on the 'Delete' button next to the Agreement you would like to remove from the agreements list so it no longer shows up on the Agreements view page nor on the Create / Edit Program page.


Finally, click 'Confirm' on the pop-up window.


Note: Deleting an agreement does not affect any agreements that an user agreed to during registration. In other words, deleted agreements are still available for view on the user's account page.

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