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Learn how to create your registration program.  Customize your program's general information, type of program, eligibility, restrictions, agreements, adjustments, custom fields, payments, and messaging.  All players that register before a pre-defined date are able to play at the Recreational level, they do not need to tryout for a team. Teams are assigned for the upcoming season by an Organization registrar or age group commissioner.

We understand it’s challenging to create a registration process that is easy and captures the important information a registrar needs for team formation.  We’ve done our homework and the system is Registrar and Parent approved.  With modern technology we are able to provide a positive registration experience for our users that will foster positive attitudes towards your Organization.

To makes things easier on you, we’ve provided a guide for the best way to create season registration programs for the Recreational level of play.

Benefits to Registrars:

  • Easy registration for parents reduces calls and emails from parents for help
  • The Custom Fields functionality allows you to ask the questions you need to get the answers you will need for team building process
  • A positive user experience will reflect highly upon your Organization

Create Your Organization’s Recreational Registration Program

Access the Programs page by using the Admin Navigator (Programs > Create Program)

Create a different program for each level of Recreational play. For example, if your Organization differentiates the younger players as Micro or Development, and the older players as Recreational, you would create two programs with the following names:

    • 2012 Fall – Micro Registration
    • 2012 Fall – Recreational Registration

Note for Larger Organizations: If you have age group commissioners who are responsible for managing a specific group of players, having less programs is still a better approach than creating separate programs for every age group. Korrio’s Team Builder tool allows your age group commissioners to filter teams and players in an easy and intuitive way.


General Information

Here you set the basic information for the Program.

1. Enter a Name for your Program

2. Set the Price by typing in a number, no need to include the $ sign.

3. You can enter a Description for the Program. Helpful Hint: Research shows that it is best to keep the description concise

4. Type of Program:

    • Recreational: this is a non-tryout based Program so players can opt to “return to a team” from a previous season
    • Tryout: this is for both the tryout even and season registration for registrations where players selected are from a tryout-based process
    • Clinic: used for hosting a clinic or camp
    • Other Individual Event: this option is used for any other event that an individual can register for.  Example: Volunteer Registration

5. Notify Administrators Upon Sign Up

    • Want to know when individuals begin registering for your Program?  Do you have limited space and capacity?  If this box is checked, a list of your Administrators will pop up.  You can select who you would like to will receive a notification message whenever someone registers for this Program.
    • With this feature you will know, at the moment, who is registering for your Program.  This is handy if you’d like to keep track of your registration progress

Program Dates

There are 3 separate sets of dates you need to provide in this section.

A. List Active Start Date: List Active refers to the date that the program is viewable to the public on your Program tab. It is best to list your program for registration one month prior to the actual registration open date so that the public has plenty of time to plan to register. Instead of Sign Up Now the parent will see the date that Registration will open.

B.  List Active End Date: Set this date for a day after you have completed team formation and released the teams to the public. You will need Registration to be active to use the Team Builder tool and you may want to accept new registrations after registration close.

C. Open Registration Date: Set to the first day of your Organization's policy. Early registration discounts are not affected by this date. See Adjustments Tab.

D. Close Registration Date: Set to the last day of your Organization's policy. Late registration fees are not affected by this date. See Adjustments.

E. Event Start and End Dates: Not applicable to Season Registration programs.



This section establishes the restrictions that the system needs to decide who can sign up for the Program. During Registration, Korrio will only show Programs for players whose age and gender fit the restrictions you set below.

1. Gender: This dictates who is eligible to sign up for the event. “Coed” means both boys and girls.


2. Age Eligibility: Korrio allows programs for children and adults. Age Eligibility refers to child programs.  To create an adult program select Adult Only Program.

    • All Ages: If this is NOT an Adult only program, then by picking this you are allowing anyoneunder the age of 18 to be registered by a parent or guardian.
      *Please note: Players that will be registering that are 18 or over will need to register to and Adult only program.
    • Sport Age (Season): Based off the US Youth Soccer cut-off date of August 1st.  By picking this you must choose what season the people will be registering for, and pick a sport age they will be in that season, for example U10.
    • Sport Age Range (Season): Based off the US Youth Soccer cut-off date of August 1st.  By picking this you must choose what season the people are registering for and pick a sport age range that they will be in that season, for example U10-U12.
      *Example: If you are opening registration for the upcoming year, 2012-2013 Season, and you put in U10-U12, then the system is looking for people that will fall into that age range in future 2012-2013 season.
    • Sport Age (User Defined): If your Organization does not use the US Youth Soccer August 1st cutoff date, here you can choose your own cut-off dates. For instance if you choose the cut-off date of January 1st 2012, and then U13, the person could not be over 13 after January 1st 2012.
    • Sport Age Range (User Defined): Same as above in an age range, for instance U13-U15.
    • Age Range: Here you can set a minimum and maximum age.  If the player’s age is between the ranges defined at the time of registration they are eligible for the program.
    • Birthday Date Range: Here you can set an oldest birth date, and a youngest birth date. If the player’s birth date is between the ranges defined at the time of registration then they are eligible for the program.

3. Adult Only Program: Programs for anyone 18 or over. By choosing Adult only program, anyone 18 and older must register as himself or herself. The registration process does not ask for parent information.

4. Requires Background Check: Please refer to your State Associations policies and procedures on how to navigate this functionality.

5. Ask About Returning Team: Setting this value to Yes will display a question to users during signup asking if they’d like to return to their previous team.  As mentioned before, this is a handy tool for Recreational signups where there is no associated tryout.  A Registrar can view the applicants preferred Team and Roster them to that team.

6. Full Payment Required: If you set to NO you are opening up the option for payment plans.



1. Attendee Maximum Count: Here you can set the maximum number of attendees. To set a maximum count without a wait list, enter 0 as the Attendee Waitlist Count.

2. Attendee Waitlist Count: Here you can designate a maximum number of participants who can be put on a waitlist.   If a registrant is added to the waitlist they will only be charged for the Program when they are moved into the Active Program.


Here you need to choose which Agreements, such as a Medical Release Waiver or a Player Code of Conduct Form, your participants must read and sign when they are registering for your program.  You can choose All Agreements or select the Agreements of your choice from the options shown. To show no agreements, select SHOW SELECTED AGREEMENTS and click on none of the above.

Create Agreements from the Agreements page.


Here you can choose what Adjustments, such as a Donation or Discount, you’d like to add to the Program.  These Adjustments are set up and managed in the separate Adjustments tab under Programs.

Create Adjustments from the Adjustments page.

Custom Fields

Similarly to Adjustments and Agreements, you will first want to create your Custom Fields in the Custom Fields LIbrary so that they appear in your Program options. To do so, please see the Custom Field Guide.


Here is where you specify what Payment Plans and Coupon Codes you want to offer to the registrants of this program. 

  • Payment Plans: Depending on what your Organization has Enabled within Club Settings will determine what you see in this drop down. For an overview of the different type of Payment Plan options, see our Payment Plan Guide.
  • Coupon Codes: Before you can add a Coupon Code to a specific program you must first create the Coupon Code in the Coupon Code library. For more information on how to do this, see our Coupon Code Guide.


A. Program Welcome Message: Enter a brief message that welcomes the parent to the Organization and provides important information on what the parent can expect. This message is presented to the parent in the following ways:

1. Confirmation page at end of Registration
2. Email Confirmation sent once registration is complete
3. Any attachments will also be sent to Registrants email

B. Program Welcome Attachments: Not required. Examples of relevant season registration documents may include location of fields and documents requiring paper signatures to adhere to Organization governing body, local or state organizations policies.

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