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Clone Program

You can create new programs based on the template of existing programs or clone a program from last year to create a new program for the upcoming year. 
Two likely scenarios in which you would use this capability are:
  • To clone a program from last year to create a new program for an upcoming registration. For example, 2014-2015 registration to create a 2015-2016 registration program
  • To clone a program already created for an upcoming registration to use for additional programs for the same season. For example, if your club uses the same program for all registration programs, the only difference being the title of the program and gender/grade eligibility you can use the 'Clone Program' option. 
Follow the steps below to create a new program using the Clone Program feature.
1. In your Admin Navigator go to Club > Programs > View Programs and search for an existing program from which you would like to clone a new program.
2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the program details for that program. Once on the 'Edit Program' page, click 'Clone Program'.
3. A new window will appear (see below) that will ask you whether you would like to increment ALL years within the program.
4. Click Start for the Create Program form to appear. Make sure to change the name of the program and verify all information.
5. Click 'Save' to save the new program.
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