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Member Request to Change a Custom Field Response

Korrio provides registrars with the ability to change custom field responses within a member’s registration. Parents may have requested placement on a certain team for their child and change their mind. Their circumstances may have changed and need to add a special request to play with another player for car pool considerations.

Follow these instructions to change custom field responses within a registration:

  1. Go to the Programs page of your Organization’s Korrio site by using the Admin Navigator (Programs > View Programs
  2. Click on your respective program. 
  3. Click on Attendees on the left hand menu
  4. Click on Hide/Show Columns and select applicable custom fields
  5. Search for the specific user
  6. Double click the cell where you want to edit or update the information, enter the new information, then press Enter on your keyboard

Text and Text Area Question

Custom Fields - enter text.png

Example of Radio Button Question


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