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Obtain specific information from your members, players, and parents through customer fields.  Learn how to create your custom field library and how to select which questions to include in program registration.  

Is there information you need specific to your registration program that is not covered in Korrio's standard fields?  If so, you can create a unique question in the Custom Fields Library and apply that question to the registration program.  For example, if you need to know the t-shirt sizes of your attendees, you can create that question in the Custom Fields Library and then apply that question to all applicable Programs. 

Custom Fields Library

Prior to creating your Programs, you will want to create your Custom Fields. To access the Custom Fields Library, go up to you Admin Navigator, click on "Club", click on "Programs" and then click on "Custom Fields".


1. Create Custom Field

  • Name: This is the Column Name that will display internally on reports and within the Attendees page of the Program. (Not editable) *Please Note: Do not create a Custom Field with a same Name as a Standard Korrio Field. Doing this will not allow you to report on this field.
  • Type: You can choose multiple display formats for your Custom Field. *Please Note: After you choose a 'Type' you are unable to change it. 
    • Text: used for collecting short answers
    • Textarea: used for collecting long,detailed answers
    • Radio: allows you to provide a menu of choices that attendees can choose from. When you create your radio options you will see two fields. The Radio Option Label refers to the text that is shown to the user and can also be edited at any time. The Radio Option Value on the other hand is the value that is set in the database and can NOT be edited after created. This implementation ensures the integrity of your data
    • Yes/No: provides boxes for yes/no only choices
Below is a preview of what the different types of Custom Fields look like during the Registration flow:



  • Label: This is the Title the user will see during the registration.
  • Description: Enter a brief description here about your custom field that will be presented to the parent during Registration
  • Visibility: Do you want your text to be visible?
    • Visible: if you’d like your attendees to answer the custom field
    • Hidden: if you’d like your custom field to be hidden from registration, but available to insert text in reports or on the Attendee page of a program
  • Required: Is this a required field?  Choose Yes or No.

2. View Custom Fields

Once you have created your Custom Fields, you have two options, to Edit or Delete. 

If you have a Custom Field currently selected on a Program and you delete it, the Custom Field will NOT be removed from the Program but will be removed as an option in the future. To remove the Custom Field from the Program it is currently selected on, go to the Program Level and click the "-".


Create a Program- Selecting Custom Fields

Once you have entered all applicable Custom Fields into the Custom Fields Library they will then appear as options when creating an individual Program. 


On the right hand side, you will see a list of all Active Custom Field options. 

To add a Custom Field to a specific program you can either click the '+' or drag the Custom Field to the box on the left.

To re-order your Custom Field questions, simply hover over the name and drag and drop it in its correct place.


To remove a Custom Field from a specific program you can either click the '-' or drag the Custom Field to the box on the right.

We recommend no more than 3 to 5 custom fields during registration. Each new question that you add reduces the probability of your member reading and answering your questions.


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