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2. Checking Status’ and Approving Online Background Checks

This feature ONLY applies to those customers who have chosen to implement Korrio's background check integration with

If you are an administrator whose organization has purchased online background checks, this guide will show you how to approve/decline background checks as well as check the status of any background check.

First, it’s important to note that administrators can have different levels of access in regards to viewing and making judgments on background checks. There are two levels of privileges that are set up during the Onboarding process:

  • Edit Background Check: by going to Club > Background Checks you will see a Pending Approvals link that will enable you make judgments on the background check results – i.e. clear or reject the background checks of prospective volunteers. Note, if you are able to see Pending Approvals you will also be able to see Search Status.
  • View Background Checks: by going to Club > Background Checks you will see a Search Status link that will enable you to view the status’ of all background checks in your organization. You will not be able to make any judgments on the background check results – i.e. clear or reject.



Contact Customer Support to inquire about viewing and edit privileges.


*Background Checks that are auto-cleared:

A background check will be auto-cleared if it meets the following requirements:

  1. The applicant answers No to all questions in the criminal history questionnaire
  2. The full legal name and birth date of the applicant match
  3. The national results return empty
1.     Pending Approvals
  • Using the admin navigator, go to Club > Background Checks > Pending Approvals. Here you will see a list of all background checks that need your approval or rejection.
  • You will see several columns with more information and can scan left to right with the scroll bar.
  • Click the black “I” icon to view the results of the background check.
  • You will see basic demographic information about the applicant, the status of the application and the submitted date.
  • On the Application tab you will see the no/yes answers to the criminal history questionnaire.
  • On the Results tab you will see all the returned reports associated with the name and birthdate of the applicant.
  • Click the “>” arrow to view more information about an individual report. You will see a record of their criminal history with the type and date of the conviction/infraction.  
  • To approve the background check, click Cleared.
  • To reject the background check, click Rejected. If you are rejecting the background check, you must include a Note as to why you have rejected the background check.
  • HELPFUL TIP: If you aren’t sure if you should clear the volunteer or not, it’s a good idea to message the individual to get more information. Click the Inspector Icon next to their Full Name and click the envelope icon to message the person.
  • When a judgment has been made on a background check, you will notice a Last Updated By column that shows the name of the administrator who cleared or rejected the background check as well as a Decision Date column with the date the judgment was made.
2.     Search Status
  • Under Status you can choose to view All background checks, Cleared, Pending, Expired or Rejected.
  • You can also filter by Volunteer Type using All, Current Staff, Pending Teams or Active Teams to check the results forvolunteers already working in your organization.
  • It’s important to note that the background check reports are only saved for 30 days. If you need to rerun a background check, click the black “I” icon and a pop-up will appear for you to accept an additional charge for running the background check again. 
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