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1. Setting Up Online Background Checks

This feature ONLY applies to those customers who have chosen to implement Korrio's background check integration with

This guide will help you set up your integrated background checks that will provide a national background check through for all your volunteers.


To configure your Background Check parameters, go to your club homepage and using the admin navigator go to:

  1. Club
  2. Settings
  3. Club Settings
  4. Background Checks
  5. Background Check Expires After:
  • General Users: 2 years
  • Washington Youth Soccer: 1 year
  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer: 3 years

   6. Collect Additional Data During Signup for Background Checks:

  • None: for all customers except Washington and Massachusetts Youth Soccer
  • Driver’s License No: for Washington Youth Soccer
  • Last 6 SSN digits: for Massachusetts Youth Soccer


Setting Up your Background Check


1.     Step 1 > Create your Background Check Agreement

  • Using the admin navigator, go to Programs > Agreements > Create Agreement.
  • Name: it’s a good idea to use your organization name and “Background Check Agreement”.
    • Example: Kickers FC Background Check Agreement
  • Group Members Must Agree to: Select The most recent version of the agreement
  • Agreement Type: Select Background Check
  • Agreement Text: For your convenience, we’ve provided pre-set Background Check agreement language. You can choose to use this language or input your own. This is what your volunteers will need to read and agree to before submitting their Background Check application.
      • Click Preview to view the agreement as your volunteers would during registration
    • Click Save Agreementagreements_page.png
2.  Step 2 > Setup your Background Check Adjustment
  • Using the admin navigator, go to Club > Background Checks > Setup
  • Name: if you are offering your background check as....
    • Free: name your adjustment <Club Name> Adult Background Check
    • At fee/cost to the applicant: name your adjustment <Club Name Adult Background Check Fee>
  • Description: It is a good idea to include information about the Background Check process for your members. For example, include details for how long the background check is valid for, how members can view their status, and if it’s a paid or free service.
  • User Fee: this is the amount your volunteers will be charged for running the background check. Keep at $0 for a free application or input a cost.
  • Start Date & Time: current date and time
  • End Date and Time: it’s a good idea to leave the adjustment valid for several years so you don’t have to keep coming back to the adjustment to extend the time period (since you are only running once/year or every couple of years).
  • Agreement Text: Choose the agreement that you created in Step 1 above
  • Click Save changes

3. Step 3 > Create your Background Check Program for Adult Registration

  • Using the admin navigator, go to Club > Programs > Create Program
  • Name: We suggest “Volunteer Registration and Background Check”
  • Price: this is specifically for the price of the program. If you have a free volunteer registration, leave at $0. If you are charging your volunteers to run the background check, you still need to leave at $0. The fee for the background check is already included in the adjustment in step 2.
  • Description: it’s a good idea to include information about volunteering for your organization and how the nationwide Background Check process works. For example, include a short description of how volunteers will be used, how long the background check is valid for, how members can view their status, and if they will need to pay for the background check or not.
  • Type of Program: Select Other Individual Program
  • Start Date & Time: when you want to open volunteer registration
  • End Date and Time: when you want to close volunteer registration
  • Agreements: you do not need to choose anything here
  • Gender: Select Coed
  • Adult Only Program: Select Yes
  • Require Background Check: Select Yes (note this must be selected to enable your online background check).
    • Choose the Background Check you created in step 2.
  • You can choose include Custom Fields, Restrictions and additional adjustments if you’d like
  • Click Save Changes
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  • Avatar
    Lake Hills SC: Amy Hunt

    It looks as though the Background Check agreement language you've provided is cut off in the screen cap. Where can we get the full text of the example?

  • Avatar
    Empire United SA: Dave Matthews

    I'm new to Korrio and am trying to get our Background Checks set up.  I've created our Background Check Agreement as explained in Step 1.  Now,  I'm on Step 2, but when I select Club, I don't see the Background Checks > Setup optios.  Am I missing something?

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