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Setting up Offline Background Checks

To set up Offline Background Checks for your Organization, follow the steps below:

1. Club Settings

From your Admin Navigator, go to Club Settings and select the Background Checks.

You can then select the specific parameters for your Offline Background check process.


2. Create an Agreement

Create a specific background check agreement that is associated with your background check program.

To do this, go to Club>Programs>Agreements and select, Create Agreement.

Within the Agreement types, select Text.

Enter your Background Check agreement text.

3. Background Check/ Volunteer Registration Program

In your Volunteer Registration Program enable the Background Checks option. When doing so, the Agreement that you created will also appear under the Agreements section for you to add.


Once you are done with the steps above, I suggest going through a test registration to make sure this flow meets your needs.

Looking for online background checks instead? Contact Korrio Support!

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