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Team Data Reports

Team Data Reports

This report returns data regarding a historic, pending, or active team or teams. This report allows you to customize the information returned in the report using filters or by selecting columns of information.


Go to Team Reports>Team Data Reports


Step 1 Choose a Team or Multiple Teams

  • Click individual teams
  • To select multiple teams click shift or command and click the desired team

Or Choose Groups of Teams

  • All active teams
  • All pending teams
  • Historic teams
  • All teams including historic


Step 2 Current Report Columns

Current report columns are listed in grid

  • Rearrange order in which columns are displayed by clicking column name and dragging to desired placement
  • If you want to remove preselected columns from Current Report Columns, drag and drop into the Additional Column Options field 

Note: Team Slug is the unique team identifier used in linked and non-linked game schedule templates


Step 3 Additional Column Options

Allows for ability to add columns to the current report columns

  • Additional columns are shown to select from
  • Add to report by grabbing and dragging to the Current Report Columns grid
  • Drop in desired placement



Step 4 Save Report, optional but suggested

Allows for you to save the report exactly how you have run it to use in the future

  • Choose to save report
  • Assign a name to the report
  • Enter notes about the report and what is used for
  • Report is then saved under your Dashboard Report Library


Step 5 Run Report


Step 6 Options after running report

Use search bar to find more specific information within returned report results

Export to CSV

  • Provides ability to export report to CSV file, which can be used in Excel format

 Email from Report

  • Provides ability to compose and send email to those included in report
    • You can select all people in report, none, or check the boxes of those you would specifically like to communicate with
    • Also allows you to send to additional recipients outside of the report


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