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Player Counts Report

Player Counts

This report is used to calculate the total amount of unique players in your organization. This returns information on the unique user’s name, the name of the program(s) the user is registered for, the user’s ID, and the user’s email.  

Step 1 Select whether you want to include the following:

  • Include Free Programs
  • Show Multiple Programs Per Player



Step 2 Choose the date range for the time period you want the player count report from

  • Enter Start Date
  • Enter End Date



Step 3 Run Report


Step 4 Options after running report

Use search bar to find more specific information within returned report results

Export to CSV

  • Provides ability to export report to CSV file, which can be used in Excel format

Email from Report

  • Provides ability to compose and send email to those included in report
    • You can select all people in report, none, or check the boxes of those you would specifically like to communicate with
    • Also allows you to send to additional recipients outside of the 
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