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Program Reports

Program Reports

Program Reports are used to gather information regarding historic, pending or active programs. This feature gives you the ability to customize the results that are returned in the report.


Go to Program Reports

Step 1 Choose a Program or Multiple Programs

  • Select from list of program
    • For multiple selections hold command or shift and click multiple
  • From toggle select the following groups of programs
    • All Active Programs
    • All Pending programs
    • Fetch Historic Programs
    • All programs including Historic


Step 2 Choose Optional Filters

  • Grade
  • Name
  • Registration date range


Step 3 Filter Overrides

  • This option allows you to only return players on the Waitlist


Step 4 Current Report Columns

Current report columns are listed in grid

  • Rearrange order in which columns are displayed by clicking column name and dragging to desired placement
  • If you want to remove preselected columns from Current Report Columns, drag and drop into the Additional Column Options field 


Step 5 Additional Column Options

Allows for ability to add columns to the current report columns

  • Additional columns are shown to select from
  • Add to report by grabbing and dragging to the Current Report Columns grid
  • Drop in desired placement



Step 6 Save Report- Optional, but suggested

Allows for you to save the report exactly how you have run it to use in the future

  • Choose to save report
  • Assign a name to the report
  • Enter notes about the report and what is used for
  • Report is then saved under your Dashboard Report Library


Step 6 Run Report


Step 7 Options after running report

Use search bar to find more specific information within returned report results

Export to CSV

  • Provides ability to export report to CSV file, which can be used in Excel format

Email from Report

  • Provides ability to compose and send email to those included in report
    • You can select all people in report, none, or check the boxes of those you would specifically like to communicate with
    • Also allows you to send to additional recipients outside of the report
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