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Reports Dashboard


The dashboard is the landing page for quick reports. Here is where you can find the different types of reports to choose from. The following are the different reporting options you can use to find detail information about your club:

The dashboard also depicts a graphic representation that displays your organizations’ total registrations over a given time period. It also renders information regarding the number of registrations by gender and the active and pending teams to see at a glance. 


Dashboard Report Library

This is where all of the reports you save are stored. The report library makes it easy to access previously used reports to run again in the future.

Report Library contains the following:

  • Report Name
  • Notes
    • Used for describing what the report is used for
  • Type
    • Details the type of report (contact, team, team member, program, etc.)
  • Date Created
  • Report Green Arrow Icon
    • By clicking on this icon, you can then run the same report that you once did when created, but with current, up to date information
  • Red Circle Icon
    • By clicking on this icon, you can delete the specified report in your library



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