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A Page is a place to add content to your site. This is your opportunity to communicate the story of your brand or organization. You can use Pages to illustrate information about your organization including such things as an overview of the club, tryouts, organization philosophy, the coaching staff, etc.


The All Pages Screen provides the necessary tools to edit, delete or view existing Pages. On this screen you can select the Page to edit, delete or view. Multiple Pages can be selected for deletion and for editing. As with Posts, a powerful bulk edit tool allows certain fields to be edited for a whole group of Pages. A handy in-line edit tool, called Quick Edit, allows you to update many fields for an individual Page. Various search and filtering options allow you to find the Pages you want to edit or delete.


The Add New Page Screen gives you the ability to create new Pages.  You have three different options to build your new pages. The Visual option, the HTML option and the suggested option, or Page Builder 


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