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Page Builder

Page Builder is a feature that allows you to build and edit grid-based pages quickly and easily. Below is the Page Dimensions Template that details the suggested sizing and areas used for the header, footer, menu region, and main content section that can be used as a guideline for every Page you build. 


Page Dimensions Template



To build your pages go to Admin>Pages>Add New

Once there, click on the far right tab titled Page Builder, which will bring up the Page Builder interface.

Within the Page Builder interface you are able to navigate the area using the following features:


  • You can use the toolbar to add a widget or add a new row of columns

Row Actions

  • Use these buttons to delete and move a row. The up/down icon acts as a handle to pick up and drag the row up or down.

Page Row

  • This is a page row with a single column 


Adding Columns

To add a new row of columns, click on the add columns button (3 upright bars) in your tool bar. This opens a modal where you can choose the amount of columns you want in your new row.


Adding a Widget

Widgets form the building blocks of your page. Click on the add widget button (plus icon) in the toolbar to bring up the Widget Interface.


The Widget Interface allows you to choose a widget to add to your page

  • Select the column and row in which you want to drop a specific widget
    • It will be highlighted a darker blue once selected
  • Click on the title of the widget to edit the content
  • To move the widget, grab and drag to another column


Once you have the desired content added to your page, click the 'Update' button on the right hand side of your screen to save changes. The new page will be created and added to your list of pages. 

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