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Widget Interface

Widget Interface

Widgets form the building blocks of your Pages and Posts. Through the use of Page Builder you can add widgets to convey to the user different ideas and messages about your organization.  To add a widget to your page, click on the widget button (plus icon) in the toolbar to bring up the widget selection interface.


Sizing Widgets

Using the dimensions defined in the Page Dimensions Template as your guide, make sure to size the various widgets according to the size of the column you have designated as the location for a particular widget. 


Below are brief descriptions of the different widgets offered to use in building your Pages and Posts

Recent Posts- displays list of the blog's most recent posts

  • Title- description that appears over the list of categories
  • Number of posts to show (max 15) - enter number of posts to display

Image Widget- displays image

  • Upload image from media library or from file
  • Add desired title and description

Gallery (PB)- displays multiple images

  • Edit gallery by adding images from media library or uploading from a file
    • Add caption to images
    • Select image size
    • Number of columns displays number of pictures horizontally

Custom Menu- a sub navigation feature for site content

Upcoming Events Widget- displays upcoming events from organization calendar

Video Box

  • Add title of video
  • Add Embed Code
    • To find embed code go to link of video
    • Ex: YouTube
    • Select Share or Export
    • Click Embed or Get Embed Code
    • Copy coded information in box
      • Ex: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Paste this info in Embed Code text box
  • Add More Text
  • Link will link to the content in the More Text box


Note: To make the video fit the size of your predetermined widget size enter 100% in the width “100%” and length “100%” in the embed code

Text or HTML content- displays any written or HTML content

  • Ability to link to Korrio links
    • When adding written content, highlight the content you want linked to your specific Korrio link and the green 'K' Korrio icon will appear


    • Once you have clicked the 'K' Korrio icon you will be presented with a window of different links throughout your site including teams and programs


Social Media Links- Add links to your organization’s various social media outlets

  • Link then populates with the appropriate corresponding social media icon

Easy Twitter Feed Widget- Displays organization’s Twitter feed.

  • Ability to adjust settings including tweet limit, show replies, etc.
  • How to get your Twitter Widget ID
    • Sign in to your Twitter Account
    • Go to Settings>Widgets>Create new
    • Click Create Widget button
    • You can copy the widget ID from Browser Address Bar e.g. 419173025219799552
    • OR You can copy the Widget ID from the given HTML under the Widget Preview i.e. data-widget-id="419173025219799552"
  • Twitter Screen Name- this is your screen name without the @ symbol

Google Maps Widget- Displays map of a location using Google Maps

Meta Slider- Provides ability to place meta sliders within a page or post

Note: You must create and edit sliders in the Meta Slider tool before being able to add as a widget on a page



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