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Meta Slider Pro

Meta Slider Pro

This feature allows you to create a slideshow to be used when creating pages and posts. Once created, a Meta Slider is then accessed and placed on Pages or Posts using the Meta Slider widget in the Widget Interface.



To create a new Meta Slider go to Admin>Meta Slider Pro

  • Add New Slider by clicking the '+' button
  • Title the New Slider 


Add Slide

  • Upload image from Media Library or from file
  • Rearrange order by clicking on image and dragging to desired place in slideshow queue
  • Add caption to photos to be seen in slideshow 
  • Add a desired URL, check the 'New Window' box if you would like the link associated with the image to open in a new window



  • Select from the following slideshow types
    • Flex Slider 2 - Responsive, 2 transition effects, carousel mode
    • Nivo Slider - Responsive, 16 transition effects, 4 themes
    • Responsive Slides - Responsive & incredibly light weight
    • Coin Slider - 4 transition effects
  • Select height and width of meta slider
    • Use the dimensions detailed in the page template in the Page Builder document to decipher correct sizing for your meta slide
  • Set the theme of your slider 
    • Create the theme of your sliders using Theme Editor


Theme Editor

Through the use of the Theme Editor you can create a theme that correlates with each Meta Slider you produce. This feature allows you to define such things as positioning of the caption the color of the caption, and the type of arrow to be used. 

To access the Theme Editor, go to Admin>Meta Slider Pro>Theme Editor

  • Add a new theme by clicking the '+' button
  • Name the theme
  • Specify various aspects of the theme including: slideshow, caption, arrows, navigation, and bullets


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