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At the foot of a page you have the ability to create a custom footer. A footer is used to signal to the user that they have reached the bottom of the page. This area can be used to detail the fine print of a club and its policies, include the organization's signature, or provide short cuts to web site content.

Just like your Custom Header and Navigation Menu, the Footer appears on all pages that you create.

 To create a new footer go to Admin>Footers>Add New

  • Select the far right tab titled Page Builder
  • Using the icon of the 3 upright bars, create a new row of columns. Here you can select the number of columns you want in your footer
  • Add widgets from the widget interface to the columns of your footer
  • Click on the title of the widget to edit the content
  • To move the widget, grab and drag to another column



To view the list of current footers go to Admin>Footers>Footers. From this screen you can view and edit existing footers.

Note: The most recently published footer is the one that is applied. To apply a previously created footer, click on the desired footer name and change the publish date to today.




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