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Team Pages Help Guide for Managers & Coaches


As a team manager or coach one of the most important destinations in your Korrio account is the team page. 

Because of this, we created a navigator drop down feature at the top of your page labeled My Groups with links to your teams, your kids’ teams and Club(s). This drop down will always be visible, no matter what page you navigate to.

From your dashboard page there is also a Teams tab on the left hand menu.

Your team home page features a photo carousel, information about your team, links to your teams’ social sites, sponsor or other promotional images, team schedule and photo highlights.

The team left hand menu houses quick links for the team Schedule, Photos, Roster and Registration.


Photo Carousel

The photo carousel is the best place to showcase what your team is all about. You can upload photos that highlight team accomplishments, build a sense of team unity and get your players excited about your program. To add or edit a photo:

  1. Click Edit Home Page in your navigation bar
  2. Click Add an Image under Banner Image
  3. Click +Add Files to search your computer for a file, or drag and drop a photo into the window.

NOTE: Photo should be 650 width x 225 height.

  1. Select upload and continue
  2. Once added, click the link button to link the photo to an external website URL.


Headline and Team Info Text

  1. Click Edit Home Page
  2. Give your team page a Headline
  3. Enter Text, such as information about the coach and a list of accomplishments


Sponsor Logos

You can upload up to two team sponsor logos or other images.

  1. Click Edit Home Page
  2. Click Add a Logo under Sponsor Logos
  3. Click +Add Files to search your computer for a file, or drag and drop a photo into the window.

NOTE: Photo should be 180 width x 108 height.

  1. Select upload and continue
  2. Once added, click the link button to link the photo to a sponsor page.


Social Links

Add links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest or an RSS Feed from an external blog.



Korrio’s schedule system makes it easy to keep everyone on your team in the loop. When you create events on the team schedule it will automatically upload into the personal schedule of everyone on the team. If you make changes, everyone automatically gets the update.

To create, edit or view your entire schedule, click the Schedule tab on your left hand menu.

View Schedule

  1. The default is set to a weekly view with info provided for event type, team, location and time.
  2. Use the tabs at the top to view by month, week, results and day view. Notice Upcoming Games & Tournaments will be conveniently listed on the right side of your page when viewing in week or day mode.
  3. Want to take your calendar with you? Download the Korrio Mobile App.

View Event

To view event details, click on the event itself. Event details can include the following:

  1. Type of event
  2. Name of event
  3. Date
  4. Start and end time of event, arrival time
  5. Opponent
  6. Uniform colors
  7. Forecast
  8. Location
  9. Driving Directions
  10. Coaches’ and Volunteer Notes
  11. Volunteer Tasks
  12. Description

Event Types

Types of events are color coded for your convenience:

  1. Home Game — Games scheduled to be played on the home field.  These are viewable by anyone.
  2. Away Game — Games scheduled to be played at other fields.  These are viewable by anyone.
  3. Practice — Practices are usually held on the home field, and are viewable only by the team. Viewable only by team members.
  4. Tournament — This designates a tournament game. These are viewable by anyone.
  5. Other — This is used for other events, such as team parties or fundraisers.

 Create Event

  1. Click Create to add an event to the team schedule. Remember that only team personnel (managers and coaches) can create an event on behalf of the whole team. A parent can create an event for themselves or for their kids.   
  2. Select Event Type: Practice, Home or Away game, Tournament or Other
  3. Your team name will automatically be displayed in the Schedule for field
  4. Provide an Event Title (this will be displayed in the month and day view)
  5. Click inside the date field and select the day (if you are setting up a recurring event, select the first day of the recurring event)
  6. Set a Start Time
  7. Set an End Time
  8. Choose an Arrival Time
  9. Enter an opponent and an event description
  10. Repeats: If you have a recurring event, make a repeat choice in the dropdown. You can set what day of the week you want it to repeat, how often, and when you want the event to stop repeating.
  11. Set location information for Venue, Field Name or Number and the Address. Remember, your Organization administrators can set verified Organization Addresses so that all you need to do is start typing the name of the field into the Address field and the location will populate. If they haven’t added the address already, verify that the address is the exact same as shown on Google Maps.
  12. You can also set Uniform colors for Home, Away and Other. The Dark and Light color options are set up at the Organization level.
  • Use Other to custom pick colors for jersey, shorts and socks from the color wheel
  1. Include Coach’s or Manager’s notes
  2. Set Volunteer Assignments: provide the Job Name and type in a Volunteer Name. To add another assignment, click Add+

     3. Opponent Information

Edit, Cancel, Delete or Postpone Event:

To edit, cancel, postpone or delete an event, click on the event itself to go to the event details page and select the Edit icon

  1. If you wish to edit, make your desired changes and select Save
  2. If you want to postpone, cancel or delete the event, click the link below “event description”, select from the options given and hit Save
  • A Postponed event remains on schedules as “Postponed.”  You may want to use this if the future date is uncertain.
  • A Canceled event remains on attendees’ schedules as “Canceled.”
  • Deleting an event removes it from all schedules

When changing an event, you have the option to Send a Message to members of the team notifying them of the change. You can also add a personal note to the message, which will show uo in their Korrio inbox as well as email inbox.

NOTE: If you make an event changes within 48 hours of the event, you are able to send an Urgent update message to members of that team. This will send a robo-call, text and email message depending on how the user set up their last minute alerts & notifications.

Standings & Scores

Keep track of your League standings and game scores on Korrio. 

Highlights & Photos

You can post and share photos from games, team parties or fundraising events.

Before you can add a photo to your Highlight Album, you must first upload the photo into a separate album. You can then choose to add it to your highlights. 


Create a Photo Album

  1. Click photos on the team menu
  2. Click New Album under Albums
  • NOTE: if you have already created an album, you can highlight it and select Add Photos. Make sure you choose which collection you want your photo to be added to
  1. Give the album a Title
  2. Click add photos on the upper right
  • You can drag and drop photos into the window or use +Add Files to search your folders.
  • Click Upload
  • You will notice a Progress bar as the image uploads
  • Click Continue and you will see your new photo in the Album

Add Photos to Highlights

You can add photos to your Highlight Gallery simply by clicking the star above the picture in the upper left. The photos in your Highlights Album will show up on your team dashboard page.

Edit Photos

If you want to edit the photo, click the pencil icon on the upper right.

  1. You can name or rename the photo— be sure it’s short and descriptive.
  2. Choose to Set as Cover Image to mark the photo as the cover of your album

View in Slideshow

You can view the album in a slideshow by clicking on any of the photos.

  1. Push the front and back arrows to manually scroll through
  2. Click slideshow to automatically loop
  3. To pause, click the pause symbol on the bottom right and play to reactive.
  4. To exit slideshow view, click the X on the upper right or simply click outside of the box



Team Roster: The roster tab shows you all the players on your team with their position, jersey number and city/state address information. You will also see all the Personnel and Parents that are linked to the players on the team. 

Edit Members: You can easily add and edit numbers and positions by editing in-line. Simply click inside the No. box or in the Positions column next to the players name.

Print Roster: When viewing your roster, click Print Roster next to the Team Roster heading. Here you are able to print your team rosters in three different formats – 1) Game Roster 2) Team Roster and 3) Detailed Roster.

Alerts & Notifications

As a Team Manager or Coach it is important to have all your players go into their Profiles and configure their Alerts and Notifications in the event of a last-minute change. Korrio has a last-minute alert system that will send a robo voice call or text message when a change has been made within 48 hours of an event.

To configure your Alerts and Notifications:

  1. Click Profile on your left hand menu
  2. Choose the Account view on the right
  3. Click the arrow to expand the options next to Alerts & Notifications
  4. Check the boxes to enable each notification and be sure to choose the right phone number if you’d like robo calls or text messages
  5. *NOTE you will always receive an email if there is a last minute change if you select “Email me when a member sends me a new message”
  6. Click Save

If your parents DO NOT set their Alerts and Notifications they will only see these changes or messages if they are in their Korrio account.



As a Team Manager or Coach it is your job to keep everyone informed about the team. Korrio’s private messaging system allows you to safely and securely send a message within your sports organization.

When you login from your Organization homepage you will see an unread messages count highlighted on your top navigation bar. Click the mail icon or use the Message tab on the left hand side.


If you want to send out a message to a single person just type in their name. You can also choose to send to your entire team or just a subset of the team, like the team personnel or parents.

  1. You can mark Messages as Urgent which will make the message pop up right after that person logs into their account
  2. You have the option to attach a file.
  3. Once you have entered the entire information just click Send Message
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    2.1.13 Video Update: The quick link for messaging your team that is displayed around the 27th second of this video has been removed and you can now use Messaging from your personal dashboard to communicate with your team (see Messaging above).

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