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Navigating your Team Page

We’ve created team pages that will help take your game to the next level. Never before has there been an easy and safe way for players, parents, coaches and managers to communicate off the field!

In addition, as a team manager or coach, one of the most important destinations in your Korrio account is the team page. This is where you can customize your team page with content, photos and links as well as manage your roster and the team schedule.

We created a dropdown feature at the top of your page labeled My Groups with links to your teams and your kids’ teams (you'll also see a link to your organization!). This dropdown will always be visible, no matter what page you navigate to.


Key features on your team page include:

  • Links to message individuals on your team     
  • Links to the team Schedule
  • Links to the team Roster
  • Unique, customized description of your team
  • Team photo carousel and sponsor images
  • Links to your team's other social sites
  • Team highlight gallery

Watch this short video to learn how to navigate your team page:

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