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External League Standings - Team Pages

Does your League use another system to display their Standings and Scores? If so, the Team Coach, Team Manager or Club Administrator can recreate those standings on their Korrio Team Page so that the families only have to go to one place for all of their information. These Standings are publicly viewable to all users.


When on your Team Homepage, select the Standings tab from the left navigation to view the Standings page.


1. Create Standings

Once on the Standings tab, click on Create. This will give you a blank canvas to recreate the League standings of your choice.

  • Start by adding rows and entering the team names in your League
  • Then, enter the column titles. Use acronyms instead of full words when possible.


2. Manage Standings

As games are played and the standings results change, click the 'Edit' button next to the League standings to alter the results.


* You can drag and drop the rows in order to place each team in the correct place.



Does your team play in multiple Leagues?

Korrio allows for multiple standings to be created and displayed on this page for the public. If there is a specific order that a Club Administrator, Coach or Manager would like to display these standings, select "Order Standings" and drag/drop these Standings accordingly.




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