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RSVP for Team Events

When creating an event, you have the ability to allow your team to RSVP, which will allow you to view who is attending.  You are also able to view if you have RSVP'd in the week view of your schedule.

Always in the know. Do you want an easier way to manage the availability of your members for a game, practice or special event? Tired of managing emails when players cannot be there? Korrio allows Coaches, Managers, Parents and Players on a Team to RSVP for all scheduled events. This saves time and headaches and offers real-time visibility when you need it.

RSVP is automatically defaulted to 'on' for all events created at the Team level. The Coach or Manager has the ability to turn RSVP 'off' on an event by event basis.


Once an event is created, the RSVP functionality is located on the Event details page.  A Parent, Player, Coach or Manager will need to click on the Event in order to access the RSVP button. 



How do I RSVP for an event?

Once the event is created, log into your Korrio account, select the event you want to RSVP for and then click the green 'RSVP' button. A box will then appear with the name of the player, team personnel (Coach, Manager, etc.), or child's name if you are a parent.


When entering your availability, you have the option to also enter in any notes.

* These notes are public to everyone associated with the team.


Reviewing RSVP responses

Once team members begin entering their availability into the event, you are then able to go to the Event Details page and review by selecting the 'View Attendees' button.



When hovering over the Phone and Note icons you will see the specific information connected to that team member.

When selecting the envelope icon you will be able to send a message to that individual.

RSVP status on week view

To double check if you have RSVP'd for an event, your status is now available in your week view of your schedule.

Check mark =  Attending

Minus = Not Attending 

Question mark = Not Responded

You will see the availability of family members who are players and also personnel.  Parent's availability does not show up.


48 hour alerts

If a change is made to the RSVP availability within 48 hours of the event the Team Personnel (Coach, Managers, etc.) connected to the Team will receive an alert via personal email, phone call and text message (depending on their Account Settings).

Tell your team to RSVP!

Once you have set up your events, you can use the Korrio internal messaging tools to quickly communicate the need to RSVP to your team members.

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