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Upgrade Internet Browser

If you are having problems registering, you may need to update your internet browser. To get the best possible experience using Korrio, it's a good idea to upgrade your browser to the latest version offered. This includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.   

We've added a new tool that will automatically pop up when you sign in to Korrio if your browser is out of date. Simply choose your browser and upgrade!




If you already have updated your internet explorer, the document or compatibility mode may still be set on the old version.  Follow the steps below to change the mode settings.




If the document or browser mode settings are not saving when you exit, follow these steps.

From the Tools dropdown on the Menu Bar, open Compatibility View Settings.

If your Menu Bar (with File, Edit, etc) isn’t appearing under the URL box, press the Alt key. Click on View > Toolbar > Menu bar.  You can also right click on the shaded area next to the URL’s and tabs on top and select Menu bar.


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