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Reply-to Korrio messages from your personal email

As you know, notification emails are sent when you have "email me when a member sends me a message" selected under the Alerts/Notifications section on your Account Profile tab. An email will be sent to the address you have on file when messages are sent from user to user, user to team, or those triggered by the system (e.g. coach reschedules an event and elects to notify all participants with a message).



When you receive the Korrio message in your personal email inbox (Gmail, Yahoo!, iCal, etc), the “From” and “Reply-To” headers in the email will be the email address of the user initiating the message (e.g. the person composing the message or editing the event).  

Important to know:

  • Since the email you receive as a notification from the Korrio message does not have all participants in the "To" header, "Reply-All" will only send a reply to the sender, not the entire group. For “Reply All” it’s best to use Korrio Messaging.
  • Since this is an email reply, and not a Korrio messaging reply, responding to the email will not generate a message in the originator's Korrio inbox (e.g. the coach who sent the initial message).







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    Highlands High School Baseball: Paul Allen

    This is a significant improvement.  I think it will be very helpful in our 2nd year.

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