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Register for a Program

Register for a Program

Follow the steps below to register for a volunteer program.  Through this registration flow you will select which person or child to register and what program to sign up for.  Also included in this particular registration example is what a user sees if your organization implements the integrated background check feature using

1.  Go to your organization website and click Programs.

2.  Click Register Now next to the Volunteer Registration program.

  • Sign In if you have an existing account
  • Not sure if you have an account? Type in your email address to see if you do
  • Or Create an account by clicking the button


   3. Would you like to register one of your children or yourself? Select your name and   click Next.

   4.  Which programs would you like to register for? Select the program for Coach Volunteer Registration


  5. Volunteer Application and Disclosure Statement:
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Enter your Driver's License Number
  • Enter the FIVE questions with No or Yes
  • Sign your name electronically by entering your name exactly as shown right above the signature block. The name presented and your signature must match.
  • The Date field will be auto-filled
  • Click Done


6.  Then Finish the registration OR Add another registration 
  7.  Your volunteer registration is complete! You will see a confirmation page and receive a copy in your email inbox.
How do I check the status of my background check?
1.     Log in to Korrio at
2.    Click Account from your left hand menu
3.    You will be on the Profile tab. See the section for Background Checks.
Next to your background check status you will see the name of the organization that you applied for and a Status.
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