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Registration Problem

If you are having trouble or unable to register for a program, there are a few things you should check. Update your browser, check your child's eligibility, and make sure you are not already registered.  


  • Upgrade your web browser: Korrio only supports the last two major versions for the following browsers - Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Learn how to upgrade!
  • Make sure there is an available program that matches you or your child's age and gender. To see a full list of your organization's programs, visit their website and select Programs from the left hand menu.
  • If your child is already registered you will not see the program available during registration. To ensure you haven't already signed them up, login and select the Account tab on the left hands side, and then select the Registrations tab. If you have already registered you will see a record of it here. 
  • Still can't register? Contact your organization administrators for more information. 
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