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Add Parent to Child's Account

To add a parent to a child's account you can do this in the Family tab of your account.  Select "Invite Adult."  Parents can invite additional adults to their children's account.

Did you forget to add additional adults to your child's account?

To do this, the adult must log into their Korrio account, click on Account and then select Family.Screen_Shot_2014-09-12_at_12.30.16_PM.png


To invite an additional adult to connect to your current children, first click the Create a Household link.

Then choose the green Invite Adult button.


Once you do that, the page will expand with the necessary fields for the invitation.


When filling out this information, be aware of the following:

  • When sending out this email the system will first look to see if there is already a user in the system with this email address. If so, upon acceptance, the system will connect the existing account to all of the invitee's children.
  • If the email address is recognized, an email will be sent to the individual, which will prompt them to create an account that will then be connected to all of the invitee's children.
  • The Personal Note section is editable and can be customized per invite.

Once the email invitation is sent, the recipient will receive an email that looks like this:



When they click the link, the connection will be made. 


What will these new adults be able to do see and do?

  • Once the connection is made, the new adult will have the same permissions on the children's account as the invitee.
  • For example, it will allow the new adult to view all registration and contact information for the newly attached children.
  • This adult will also be added to the club and team communication list associated with the team and sports organizations that those children are associated with.

For more information on what each role can do in our system, see our Privacy matrix.

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