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How to navigate your Account tab

Korrio offers five key areas to manage your Korrio account: Profile, Relationships, Registrations, Agreements and Settings. 

Once you log into your Korrio account, select Account on the left side navigation.



This section includes Personal Information about the user, Background Check status information (if applicable), the user's Member Information (ie. Birth Date and Age), Medical Information and Athletic and Academic InformationYou have the ability to edit all of this information.


This section displays all the relationship connections to your account in our system. 

As an Adult, you will see your relationships with your children and also have the ability to change the relationship type. Here you can also see any pending connections to your children. The connections occur once you have chosen to invite an additional adult to your children's account using the Invite an Adult function.This capability allows the current adult to invite other adults to connect with their children.




Korrio provides families with current and historic payment records electronically. As an adult, you will see all your kids' transactions on your Registrations tab, regardless of who completed the registration.


Under your Registrations tab, you will see the option to Pay Now for any outstanding balances or you can click the arrow on the right to view more details and get a copy of your original transaction receipt.


This is your family's Agreement library where every Agreement is stored after the registration process is complete. All agreements you have agreed to in the past are reviewable under this tab.


In this section you are able to edit your username and password, choose to create a log in / recovery email address, update your Timezone and edit your Alerts and Notifications.



Does your Child have their own email address?

If so, log into your account, go to your Child's Account page, select the Settings tab and then change his or her Communications Contact to Contact Child Directly. This will allow you to enter the child's email address under their profile.


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