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Alerts and Notifications

Korrio provides every user with the ability to manage their own alerts and notification preferences. These include:

  • Receiving last minute alerts by text or robo call for changes to events (games, practices) within 48 hours of an event
  • Receiving a notification to your email client when another Korrio user sends you a Korrio Message

To access your alerts and notifications settings, go to your Profile Page, then click on Account. 

Helpful Tip

For younger teams, parents should only set alerts and notifications for the parent accounts. If parents set the email notification for both the parent and child, they will receive two emails each time a member of the team uses the Quick Link for Message Entire Team. This is because each member associated with the team, both parent and player, receives an individual Korrio Message. Another alternative is for Coaches and Managers to select Message Parents in the drop down menu in Korrio Messaging.


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