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Edit Account and RSVP for Event

New features have enabled end-users to edit certain aspects of their account information.  Members are also able to RSVP for an upcoming event.  Know who is attending before the event.  

User Accounts

Instead of being dependent on the Organization Admin or Korrio Support, the Korrio End User can now do the following directly from their personal Korrio Account:

To view more about the User Account enhancement, view our article titled How to navigate your Account Tab.

Event RSVP

You are now able to collect your member availability for an Event through the Korrio system. Korrio allows for a Parent, Player, Coach and Manager to RSVP to any event that is on their Team schedule as well as view the status of attendees.

To view more about how the Event RSVP works, view our article titled Team Events - RSVP.

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