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Navigating Time Zone Discrepencies

Korrio events automatically displays in your local time zone. These events include games and practices. The system identifies your local time zone by the time zone setting on your computer.

If you or your members have a situation where the event time zone does not reflect the local time zone, try these steps:

1. Verify the version of your browser. Korrio supports Internet Explorer 8 and above, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you are using an older version of a browser, each browser provider offers a free upgrade.

2. Verify the time zone setting for the Korrio Event

  • Log into your Korrio account and click on schedule in the left navigation
  • Select the event in question, and view the event details
  • Check the Current Time Zone setting

If the current time zone displayed is not your local time zone, go to step 3.

3. Verify or update the time zone setting on your computer

This may be different depending on the type of computer and operating system that you have. For your convenience, we provide help guides from the major operating system vendors. Once you update your time zone, log out of your Korrio account and log back in to reset the time zone setting for your events.

Windows XP - To change your computer’s time and time zone

Windows Vista - Set the clock

Windows 7 – Time Zone – Change

Mac OS X 10.4 Help - Setting the date, time, and time zone

4. Last step, Clear Time Zones on your Korrio account.

On the User's Profile page, under the Account tab (far right under the Search bar) there is a link titled Clear Time Zones. Click on this link, then check your events again.

If these tips do not help resolve the time zone issue, please contact Korrio Support. Please let us know that you have taken the aforementioned steps.

For more information see Time Zones in Korrio

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